THE CLOUD is a 3-act performance that engages with tropes of disaster & post-apocalyptic films to present an open-ended treatise on ecological collapse, queer survival & the power of collective joy.

Powered by parallel narratives that move between temporalities, the work features spoken word, set puppetry, video mapping, live sound & interspecies performance. 

In the near future, a sentient AI has collected sufficient data to calculate & generate the future, predicting imminent ecological collapse that leads to the end of life not only for human beings but also for artificial beings. This sentient but glitchy AI generates a new algorithm in an attempt to slow the march to destruction, but the incalculable power of joy is the missing dataset. Messages from the future are sent to present-day queers, believed to be best suited to subvert the ruling order, to help upload more joy, primarily in the form of animal videos. 

In present-day Quebec, two queer artists of a certain age try to keep their own world/work from falling apart. One suffers from logorrhoea, trying to talk her way out of the problem, while the other works, grunting & building. After a collapse of their environment, they intercept the messages from the above mentioned future and, with their singing dog Brutus, attempt to stave off greater calamity.

In the midst of lockdown in 2020, EtM began questioning the impact of their heightened reliance on digital media. Wishing to engage with the social, metaphorical and ecological impacts of data proliferation, exploitation and dependence, they initiated research and studio experiments called The Cloud.

The Cloud will premiere in the spring of 2024.