Installation/public intervention

Cannabis currently occupies a liminal status in Canada.  Not yet legal, it continues to criminalize targeted populations. Less of a taboo but still the subject of mainstream paranoia and giddiness, the image of the plant is changing. CULTURE addresses the culture surrounding the cultivation of marijuana, avoiding the lurid sensationalism of the drug trade that criminalisation produced, focusing instead on the intersection of the plant’s psychedelic utopianism and the impending big business of legalization.

Premiere: Agence Topo, Montreal, September, 2018.


Large scale performance project / Immersive installation

Can you see the colour of the water when you’re drowning? Using live vocal manipulation, video mapping and an inflatable set, OUFF dives deep into the ugly muck we’re soaking in: white privilege, youth culture, late-capitalism, oh my!

Coproduction Et tu, Machine & Productions Rhizome.

The full-length performance piece premieres at Montreal's Theatre Lachapelle in May 2019. 


Urban intervention/ ephemeral street art

Wild Edible vegetation innocuously owns our city streets.
Weed-pasting provides discrete instructions to passers-by on the culinary potential of the most maligned growths.

Project-in-progress, streets of Montreal, Toronto & NYC. 


Installation / Performance

Furniture and objects from the library and office space erupt; detritus splays as the archive's heart is unearthed.

Chairs dangle from the ceiling, upturned tables  balance on books, as the stacks creak and words are taken apart and glued back together, recordings skipping and pages flipping.  

Elaborated for the finissage of Nelson Hendricks' exhibition ARTEXTE, Montreal, August 2017.