Produced for Buddies in Bad Times / CBC GEM’s 2020 Pride Inside, this is an excerpt/remix from OUFF, an interdsciplinary performance piece on white supremacy. Written and performed by Alexis O’Hara, costume, set & camera by Atom Cianfarani. Produced by Et tu, Machine.

Excerpts from a performance presented at Abrons Art Center in 2016.This piece was the genesis of OUFF, an interdisciplinary memoir on the commodification of the female body in the context of the white supremacy. 


White privilege, late-capitalism, perimenopause, oh my! OUFF

OUFF is the heaviest of sighs, an overwhelmed expiration, the forced eviction of obsolete molecules in an audible manner.

An interdisciplinary performance piece of words & sounds, strange body shapes & a set that upstages the diva, OUFF is an spectacle of confrontation by a solitary but fragmented femme negotiating her own role, as victim & oppressor, pawn & princess in a commodity-crazed-brink-of-collapse world propped up by the violent dominance of whiteness.

OUFF melds first person monologue, bouffon, alternately ambient & confrontational video projection, live electro-acoustic sound composition & mutating costumes and set inspiring laughter & cringing.

OUFF premiered at Montreal’s La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines in 2019. A trilingual version was presented at the Hemispheric Institute’s Encuentro in Mexico City. A Montreal Art Council touring grant brought the piece to several of Montreal’s Maisons de la culture in the fall of 2021. In 2022, OUFF was produced by Public Energy, curated by Patti Shaugnessy.